Ds iris system stopped working

Hello to everyone,
I m the owner of a Ds 4 trocadero 1.6 model of 2022.
Since an over the air update last September, the iris system stopped working.
From the dealership they told me that it’s a know issue with some Ds4 and some Ds 7 cars, that they cant do anything about it and finally that it will be automatically fixed via the next over the air update.
Since then 10 months have passed there have been about 4 or 5 over the air updates but the problem remains.
Has anyone the same bad experience or any information about it?
Thank you in advance.

I’m sorry but I don’t undestand, how it stopped working?
You have entirely black screen or what is happening?
I cannot comprehend with my mind that You may have totally DEAD IVI unit for 6 months and You’re not driving with replacement car for the time of repair.
Please provide more details.

I m sorry cause i may not made it clear. Its not the whole infotainment that stopped working. Just the ai with voice commands. I thought its called iris.
So this is what happened, after an over the air update 10 months ago, this fuction stopped working. I cant issue voice commands and the button on the steering wheel stopped working.

OK now I get it.
Iris assistant use 4G connectivity but since You receive OTA updates then that connectivity is present.
I haven’t seen that issue, sorry.

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What version software is your vehicle running? You should be able to find it in settings. Take a photo and upload it here.

I think you are reffering to this.

I’m not sure what’s current version because my car is in dealearship for repairs but I had exactly this version in october 2023 so it looks old.
If I remember correctly there were at least 3 updates after this one that You have.

If that is the case, i dont know why… I have the 4g connection i have allowed the auto updating and there are none available update…
After all the car did many updates and the problem itself appeared after an update.

Two things I can think of you might try to get it updated:

  1. make sure the car can stay connected to any wifi network. So if its parked close enough to your home, then your home wifi might work. Otherwise, if your phone data limit is high enough, you might want to consider enabling your phone’s hotspot during a long trip, and connecting the car to your hotspot while driving. Beware that you won’t be able to use wireless Carplay/Android Auto while your hotspot is active.
  2. Check out this page to dive into the engineering menu, go to System > Version IVI and press the ‘Check for updates’ button. You won’t see anything happen, but it might help trigger an update. Be careful in that engineering menu, you don’t want to change anything else in there except if you know what you’re doing!

Thank you for the ideas, i will try them both!

Changes in engineering menu are not permanent so no worries :grin: