DS4 2022 ota update

Hi all

My DS4 2022 hdi performance+ don’t receive ota updates.
I contacted customer service who told me to go to the workshop. At the workshop they told me that if I don’t receive updates obviously there aren’t any…

Since I bought the car I don’t have received any notification for system or maps update.

My system version is 1.19.xxx and my maps are dated 2022.
in navigation options i read update No longer available. My connected navigation pack Subscription ends 26/10/2025.

I tried to purchase a 1 month subscription for chatgpt and even in this case I did not receive any notification from the car system.

The car warranty expires in October so I would like to resolve before that date.
P.s. I tried from the service menu by selecting software update and I also tried restarting the BSM whit the procedure I found here in the forum

How can I fix It?