DS7 Etense Electric Range Issues

I have just recently taken delivery of a 2021 DS7 Etense Opera 225 with 11000 miles on the clock. Absolutley love the car, and great to drive.

But… and its a big but, the electric range is appauling and getting worse. Ive driven a plug in hybrid for the last 3 years, so im familiar with the effects drivining style and weather have on the range. My previous car was a Cupra Formemtor PHEV with a WLTP range of 36 miles, with careful.driving and in warm weather i could consitently get 32 -34 miles, in winter this would drop to minimum 22 miles on freezing cold days.

The DS7 is only showing 12 miles after a full charge, with me driving the car incredibly carefully and using regenerative braking. There is clearly something seriously wrong. I can’t get it into a DS Dealership till the 29th April. I find this totally unacceptable.

Has anybody else had similar experiences?

Mine (DS7 E-t 2020) has been down to 18 km prediction as its lowest this winter and at 30km as its highest when I picked it up in November last year…
I’m expecting these numbers to rise a bit come spring, but I suspect they will always be far from the 50 km as advertised.

Its not good and very misleading

I wish you luck getting anywhere with a DS dealer.
IT’s described as a premium brand, but customer service is anything but… no courtesy cars no collection and delivery.
I have an old model DS3, it’s due it’s annual service, I’m booked at the end of March, but will have to sit and wait.
If it was a Citroën, which I admit that it essentially is, I would like if a had a Dacia wouldn’t expect anything better, but don’t claim to be a premium brand like Mercedes BMW etc and not provide any equivalent service!

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Hi Mark, im having the same problem with my DS7 E-TENSE prestige 70 plate. Ive been in out of the garge with it and had the same range issues, warning light for a traction fault. After getting Ds involved i finally got a new traction battery and on board charging unit but still getting around 16 miles. Ive been back onto DS and had back into the garage and they found no fault so Ds have dropped the case and told me if I’m not happy go to the ombudsman. The car is great to drive etc. Im now going through the finance company and even they are struggling to deal with the dealership and Ds to get answers. I’ve seen other threads on other platforms and people are having the same issue. Like yourself im doing everything by the book and still makes no difference.

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I had mine in for service yesterday (and I got a Mustang Mach-E as sub for the day for 20 euro) and they specifically checked and ran tests for the battery after me mentioning to them that I only got 18-24 km during the past 3 months since I bought it.
Tests showed that there were no faults in the battery nor charging unit etc.
In other words, these numbers are to be expected.

Thats disheartening to hear. I appreciate that you never get the WLTP range, but to only get one third of that range must be contravening the trades description act.