Update incoming

I received in autodiganosys mail a quote indicating that new upgrades for infotainment performance will be avaliable soon.
I hope great revolution is coming (haha, just kidding, in serial life no big differences are expected) since:

  • android auto is not working wireless for the last few weeks
  • Focal system sounds great but should have a decent equalizator on menu, three bars for bass, mid and trebel look too basic for the cost.
  • as mention in previous topic, ambylight is not working properly in my unit, adjustment not memorized

Does any of you consider any additional improvement?
Let’s drive the path for future upgrades!!

I had two updates in the last month, one of them last Wednesday actually, not sure if those updates are related to your mail, but I’ve seen some slight changes and a little better performance overall. The new ‘feature’ I’ve noticed the best is the inclusion of traffic info on the screen behind the steering wheel, as well as the HUD. You actually see the colored roads (orange, red) on there, used to be only on the infotainment screen. :+1:


Could You share Your software version?
I’ve seen those colors for 1-2 seconds a few times but unfortunately they weren’t present at the HUD when I’ve seen intersection with those colors and suggested quicker road on the main inforainment screen.

Won’t expect much since Equalization is done on the IVI unit itself and by A2B interface signal is going to the amplifier in the back.

What is interesting the AMP probably doesn’t have 16 channels but 12 since I’ve looked at the paid documentation and it looks like in DS4 with Focal front and rear tweeters are powered directly by IVI and the rest of the speakers are powered from the AMP.
Thanks to this solution the can use same amplifier across the range - Peugeout 308 / Opel Astra / Citroën cars etc. - 12 channel AMP.

I’m currently on version NHW.

Same here

Ok I also have the same version. I am wondering when HUD is going to show green - faster road - since it is available on main screen for very long time but this information is not shown on HUD.

Where do I find the software version, please? (the app, of course, does not have the information)

Also @David_Blasco what is this “autodiagnosis mail” you receive? Is it an email? I don’t get anything like that. I get a message on the car info screen that a minor update is “available” and if I accept it, the car cannot be driven while it is updating (but it never takes long).

Couple of weeks ago I had a software update at the dealer for which they needed the whole day! Only thanks to people here I am aware that it has been available since May 23!! And I have no idea what exactly it was supposed to do for the car. The dealer didn’t seem to have any info either. It’s really poor, IMO. My Apple machines tell me what’s new in each update.

Yes, I subscribe in app to autodiagnosys if I remember well.
Once per month, email

I don’t see such option in my Android app for Poland.

Telemaintenance --last service in my list

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Ok If i remember correctly telematics were introduced a bit later than the car. Mine was manufactured in march 2022 and I bought it in june 2022. Telematics were available from january 2023 if I remember correctly so that would explain why I don’t have this option.

My car IS 2021

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That’s a suprise for me, then it looks like it’s related to country of usage? I think…

Or only relates to e-tense, or additional services, It has to be connected…

Mine is pure petrol so I have:

  1. Vehicle Data
  2. Online 3D Navigation

Thanks for posting up the screenshot, very helpful. I have an E-Tense, Nov. 22, and I have the same extras as you, but no Telemaintenance. I reckon @AvatarPL may be right, it may be down to country of usage. I’m in Czechia, and sadly over the years I’ve seen many examples of big companies treating the Central European countries as places where they could get away with inferior service.

You can find the version right here:

Send me your VIN. I can check your telemaintenance.

Thanks! I have the same software as you.