Ambient lighting


I have claimed in warranty an issue with software management as I consider it should not work this way, let me know if it happens the same to you.

Customization screen, I fix colour for ambient light, brightness and engine sound through speakers on sport mode.
Once the car is turned off, these selections dissapear and I have to do It all over again.

If I don’t make any choice, sometimes light is off and sometimes is basic red even at brightness menu appears as disconnected.

I hope it is clear enough how my car IS working to see if it is common for all DS4.

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Hi @David_Blasco

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There was a similar issue on DS 7 and I believe it required a BSI update. I’ll have a look in the tech docs.

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Hi David,
I share the experience that the ‘active sound’ thing on Sport mode is not being saved; you have to re-enable it every time. The other ones should be saving just fine. Although I’m not fully sure if they are being saved if you use the Guest profile of the infotainment system, haven’t tried that.

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I could not find any TSBs about the ambient lighting or active sound. However, it sounds identical to the DS 7 Issue (see below).

It’s likely that your BSI requires updating, so a trip to the dealership would be needed unless you have DiagBox.

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Claim was raised at dealer, pending response.

I Will let you know

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I am using personal profile, not guest, and is not working.

I might give It a try with guest and new user, but i am afraid that it is a software issue and Will not be solved without reprogramming or changing module.

Thanks for the tip of active sound, not a perfect solution by DS, in my opinion, personalization must be kept until user modifies it

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Guest mode tried, same result

Sure sounds like a software issue then indeed. Maybe the upcoming update fixes things? :wink:

Nobody has a DS4 with ambylight to tell me that it is posible to work properly?
Will see what dealership has to say, still waiting since end of november

In my case it works very well.
Polyambient and screen colours are tied to drive profile for example in normal mode I have standard gold colour in polyambient and screen but in Eco polyambient and screens are set to green and it works perfectly.
Never had any issues with it.

Thanks, it is a task for dealership to fix it then